Yes, I’m Still Here

OK, no more excuses. It’s been much too long since my last post, and I realize there will never be enough time to get through all that needs to be done, so a little juggling of priorities is in order. Between what’s new in the library and what’s been on my mind, there is much to share with you.

First, what’s new in our library: BOOKS! BOOKS! and more BOOKS! I just finished barcoding and labeling over 150 new titles. Here’s a peek:

9780061139345 9780061552069 9780061703928 9780316118255 9780375844591 9780439706322 9780547007038 9780763632656 9780805078367 9780811827782 9781596433410

9781416928287 9781416938378 9781416950585 9781423113478 9781553379591 This is just a small sampling of the many wonderful new titles, so come in to the library and pick up a few good books!

As many of you have noticed, we now have a Smartboard installed in the library, and this past week we started integrating its use in library lessons. First Graders did an outstanding job of using a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast two stories by Jan Brett, The Hat and The Mitten. Next week, Kindergarten and First Grade lessons will incorporate use of the Smartboard as we visit story sites online.

Mr. Laster and I have been trying to come up with ways to give the upper grade learners more time on the computers so they can improve their information literacy skills. We tried changing around the schedule, but many learners and teachers were unhappy with that change, and Mr. Laster and I agreed it wasn’t all we hoped it would be. We’ve returned to our original schedule of alternating weeks for library and computer lab, but we’ve begun to collaborate on projects which will allow the upper grade learners to work in depth and on consecutive weeks as they explore research strategies, note taking, information assessment, application,and presentation options. We invite all teachers to join us in collaborative efforts to provide meaningful, real world learning opportunities as we introduce 21st century skills to our students.

Until next time,

Teacher Ruth